Land Freight

We offers comprehensive range of solutions to fit any need with a variety of options.

Land Freight

The fastest and most reliable way to move your goods internationally. Through our strong affiliations with almost every major carrier on the planet, we offer the best and most flexible rates with our tailored most effective solution that precisely fits your needs.

Overland division concentrates in following activities

  • General Trucking
  • Project Cargo Movements
  • Warehousing Leased
  • Value Added Services


  • To and within GCC Countries.
  • GPS Tracking can be integrated with longer contracts.
  • Solution to Egypt, Turkey & Iraq.
  • Local Container movements within UAE/Saudi/Kuwait/Qatar/Oman/Bahrain.
  • Pick up and drop of shipments from vendor to manufacturer.
  • Movement and management of Heavy lift and over dimensional cargo.
  • Organizing pick up of small parcels within Dubai and GCC countries using smaller trucks.
  • LTL movements< within GCC Countries.

Types of Trucks and Service we provide

  • Picks ups 3 ton, 7 ton, 10 ton.
  • 40ft Flatbed trailers..
  • 50ft Flatbed trailers.
  • 18 Mtr (extendable trucks).
  • 24 Mtr trailers.
  • Dolly trailers.
  • Low beds (Rear ,Front loading & Hydraulic).
  • Reefer trucks(frozen/chiller).
  • Curtain trailers! pkups.
  • SPMT - Multi Axle trucks.
  • LTL Service (Consolidation Basis).
  • Flexi trailers (to Move ISO tanks).
  • Packing, Stuffing, Lashing of cargo.